The New Standard
in Wealth Management

Protect your family's wealth for generations with unbiased and independent professionals who work only for you 

We Worry About Your Family's Wealth, So You Don't Have to

After building their family's wealth over decades, sometimes spanning several generations, our clients are keen to see what else life has to offer them. We help make that happen.


We hold a Capital Markets Services License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore since 2016.

We are regulated under Singapore's Securities & Futures Act for Fund Management and the Financial Advisers Act for Investment Advisory and Analysis.


Our 6 anchor families and more than 20 private clients come from Australia, Belgium, China, France, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, UK, Vietnam and of course

They have regional and industry experience that is extraordinarily broad, including property, private equity, luxury retail, F&B, food manufacturing, tech startups (and many more), and as such greatly contribute to make our investors' Alliance collectively savvier.


We manage financial assets with more than 20 private banks and custodians, across 8 different jurisdictions.

We have extensive relationships with fund managers, giving us unique opportunities otherwise unavailable to most private banking clients.

Together, this wide network of institutional relationships helps us ensure fair pricing from our third-party providers.


We are a platform for Single
Family Offices to plug into
our ecosystem, giving them
access not just to experienced investment
professionals, but also office space and infrastructure.

Perhaps more importantly, they get access to deal-flow from our institutional relationships and from being a part of the broader community here at WMA.

We are never paid by anyone but you, so we are always on your side

The financial advisory industry is broad, and there are firms of every stripe that claim to act purely in the best interests of the client. That said, the mere fact that many of our peers are compensated by their business partners - be they banks, fund managers, distributors or any other financial services firm - raises questions as to how unbiased their advice could really be. Some of our peers even sell this as a positive, saying that this allows them to charge the client next to nothing.

We decided to take a completely different approach.

We wanted to be fully and 100% on the side of the client, and to provide advice that is unswayed by extrinsic motivations unrelated to the client's best interests. We wanted to avoid anything that even raises the possibility of a conflict of interest.

How? Simple. We are paid only by you, the client. When you do well, we do well. When we make bad calls that hurt your portfolio, we flounder with you. We'll think twice about putting you into high-cost investments because that hurts us too (as opposed to others who might actually profit precisely because of the high fees levied). You'll never have to wonder whether our advice was in any way tainted.