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In everything we do, we are guided by three prime directives


To us, this means an unbreakable alignment of financial interests. We will never be paid by any party other than the client. This means when you do well, we do well. If you flounder, we flounder with you. You’ll never have to worry about whether our advice is tainted by kickbacks.

How we work for our clients

Investment Advisory

This is at the heart of what we do. We are focused on giving you the best independent and unconstrained financial advice. Our advice is rooted in being unbiased and fully-aligned with your interests – this comes from the fact that we won’t take a cent from anyone (banks, fund managers, brokers…) trying to sway our decisions with kickbacks.

Private Fund Establishment and Management

As a complementary service to our core business of investment advisory, we also facilitate the establishment of private funds driven by bespoke investment strategies for our clients, that can be used to amalgamate private or public assets owned by multiple clients under a single vehicle to take advantage of cost-efficiencies and Singapore's 13O/13U tax incentives. With an experienced and licensed asset manager like WMA, under the highly regulated environment in Singapore, you can rest assured that your assets remain safe and well-managed according to the highest governance standards.

Inter-Generational Preservation & Transmission of Wealth

Many of our families and clients have the preservation and transmission of their wealth for future generations as one of their primary goals. This is a goal that we are finely attuned to, and are familiar in facilitating alongside our panel of service providers.

Portfolio Construction

With investment advisory a raison d’etre for WMA, formulating a strategic asset allocation for your portfolio is a key part of how we keep your money working safely for you. And more importantly, we do it based purely on what your needs and tolerances are, to give you a bespoke solution that matches your needs.

Deal Flow

Providing our anchor families and clients with access to attractive investment opportunities is key part of the value we bring to the table. We come across dozens of potential opportunities weekly. These include traditional asset classes, but also unique alternative asset classes or direct investments typically out of reach of private banking clients.

Club Deals

We have expertise in structuring club investment deals, drawing on our networks and experience to extract the best possible terms, and to execute them in the most efficient way possible.

Fund Analysis & Selection

With our vast connections in the mutual & hedge fund industry, we have strong expertise in being able to pick best-in-class winners to manage your money on terms typically only available to large institutions.

Ongoing Monitoring

We closely monitor your investments, so you have time for everything else that life has to offer outside of the office.

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